The skin is a peripheral organ that receives the least amount of blood in the body. This, combined with the damaging effects of gravity, UV rays, smoke / pollution, weight changes and hormonal imbalances, leads to collagen loss, wrinkles and loss of skin tone over time.

Before Plasm Pen was introduced, the only treatment for face and neck wrinkles was surgical operation. Surgery is associated with the risk of anesthesia, bleeding, infection, and excessive skin tightening with loss of regular facial expressions.

Introduced in 2016, plasma skin lift became the painless, most effective and safer alternative to surgery. Plasma skin lift is a NO Needle, NO cut procedure that produces fast and permanent results. Plasma Pen produces tiny 0.5 mm plasma wave that evaporates the old collagen and stimulates skin fibroblast cells to produce new healthy collagen. During the procedure the Plasma Pen never touches the skin.